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Caron Robinson – Saxophonist Extraordinairess

Location shoot – Robinson vs Robinson

“Wear this”, ‘take that off” “bring this” and “sit over there”

It wasn’t the most concise set of instructions, as I always assume Caron (my long suffering wife) is naturally ‘in my head’ at all times, but through a great deal of patience and

lip-biting our 16 year working relationship has blossomed into something we can now enjoy as a process.

Thanks, Caron – until the next time :-)

The ROMP Street Party in Norwich 2015

It’s isn’t every day you get to invite the whole community to come and eat drink and be merry in the middle of the road – but that’s exactly what we did.
The newly christened ROMP (residents of Mount Pleasant) brought fantastic fayre, divine decorations and a big–ol-barbecue to inaugurate the first of, hopefully, many ROMP street party events.
Community spirit is alive and well in NR2.

For more pictures of the ROMP Street party in Norwich visit https://www.facebook.com/rompstreetparty