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Taking a little R and R time with the Along Come Norwich guys. Of their 23 shirts we only managed 13 on a line, but it was pretty impressive. OTBC


NCFC football shirts-4 NCFC football shirts-5NCFC football shirts-8

Lenwade Engagement shoot – Alex and Ruth 2016

Thank you, Alex and Ruth, for taking me on our Marriot’s Way Ramble. I enjoyed the bramble infested adventure trying to find the river – and in the end… Photography WINS!Engagement shoot Lenwade 2016-3 Engagement shoot Lenwade 2016-4 Engagement shoot Lenwade 2016-5 Engagement shoot Lenwade 2016-6 Engagement shoot Lenwade 2016-7 Engagement shoot Lenwade 2016

Lewi & Amanda – Engagement Shoot 2015

Just remember that its not ME who’s supposed to look forward to the wedding the most!!! This was such an idillic setting (Ringland Hills) that, at one moment I forgot to take any pictures.


Amanda Lewi Engagement Shoot 2 Amanda Lewi Engagement Shoot 3 Amanda Lewi Engagement Shoot 4Amanda Lewi Engagement Shoot 6 Amanda Lewi Engagement Shoot

Caron Robinson – Saxophonist Extraordinairess

Location shoot – Robinson vs Robinson

“Wear this”, ‘take that off” “bring this” and “sit over there”

It wasn’t the most concise set of instructions, as I always assume Caron (my long suffering wife) is naturally ‘in my head’ at all times, but through a great deal of patience and

lip-biting our 16 year working relationship has blossomed into something we can now enjoy as a process.

Thanks, Caron – until the next time 🙂

White lodge

Here are some of the shots from a recent property portfolio shoot for While Lodge, spanning 10 location over 2 days.

If Carlsberg did a slightly wet and cold bank holidays in Wells photography shoot

“We’re going to Wells” said Andy Taylor, Graphic designer and owner of
The weather forecast might as well have said ‘severe snow and blizzards/Armageddon’ but we were going – and i’m so glad we did!
Chips, fresh coffee, kids running…ANDY running?
A great day!

Street Smart Self Defence

It was fun (and challenging) to get some ‘orient inspired’ images for Gary Brown and Street Smart Self Defence, supplying Norfolk Self defence classes.
Gary’s approach to this teaching self defence is different, ditching the usual robes and belts for everyday street attire.
More like a boy scout, Gary’s motto is “always be prepared”

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