Woodbridge Wedding – Superb singing, diving dancing and a tiny bit of drizzle

Rowan and Anna took everyones breath away with their wonderful Woodbridge wedding (and surrounding areas)

I’m so glad you found the beautiful Buggs Barn Farm – I was such a fun place to photograph


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Event Photography Enfield Wedding With Sugar Cube Party Band


There’s some slightly naughty about a UK outdoor wedding, and that’s exactly what Sugar Cube got when they performed at Forty Hall Banqueting Venue In Enfield. There was a unique atmosphere from start to finish.

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Event Photography Enfield – James Robinson

Caron Robinson – Saxophonist Extraordinairess

Location shoot – Robinson vs Robinson

“Wear this”, ‘take that off” “bring this” and “sit over there”

It wasn’t the most concise set of instructions, as I always assume Caron (my long suffering wife) is naturally ‘in my head’ at all times, but through a great deal of patience and

lip-biting our 16 year working relationship has blossomed into something we can now enjoy as a process.

Thanks, Caron – until the next time 🙂